Alfrazer D.

Shawn Ziglari and his team at Choice rescued me from a company unwilling to effectively manage my interests in a condo in Fairfax, VA, in December 2008. I have been a very satisfied client since.

Property management is the company’s first line of business. The team pays attention to detail, communicates promptly and effectively, and enforces great business practices; they thoroughly vet potential tenants, comprehensively evaluate and then take action to address maintenance concerns, and they conveniently team with me to work with my local homeowners’ association.

Choice’s on-line account access provides up-to-date account information and 24/7 access to important documents. The cyber portal supplements and enhances communication with the team.

My relationship with Shawn and his folks taught me what a great Property Management team does:

  1. Provides detailed invoices, including justification of charges; deploys trained staff to effectively handle questions not addressed in invoices
  2. Leverages sufficient resources to find, vet, and move-in a new tenant within 30 days of lease termination
  3. Delivers owner distributions (rents) to my accounts on or before the 10th of each month
  4. Deploys bonded and insured technicians to effect repairs and to perform scheduled maintenance; ensures costs for repairs and maintenance are competitive and provides photos of work completed on request
  5. Documents (in our contract) a competitive fee schedule for all services, to include:
  1. Leasing (finding an initial tenant or replacing a tenant) and lease renewal
  2. Preparing the flat to show
  3. Marketing
  4. Coordinating with and meeting prospective tenants
  5. Conducting background checks and investigations
  6. Conducting reviews of tenant references and analysis of tenant income
  7. Conducting inspections (semiannual) of the property while occupied
  8. Documenting all activity occurring on and related to the property
  9. Communicating with me in timely fashion on status of all activity occurring on and related to the property

Choice is a great property management team. Shawn is an absentee property owner himself and often demonstrates empathy for my concerns. My flat is much more than a financial investment, so this and the fact that I actually enjoy working with his team are important to me. Good luck out there.