January 15, 2013


Looking for the best leasing management can be hard at times. That is why we are here to make the choice easy!

Endless inquires, calls after hours, scheduling showings, who has the time!

Luckily, our dedicated staff will handle all of these responsibilities & more to ensure the most suitable tenant is found for your property.

A team focused on providing the highest level of property management, starting with our tailored leasing services.


Comparative market analysis (CMA) help determine the best rental price range

Gather necessary paperwork required for renting from the HOA/COA

Provide a detailed rental assessment of the property which includes:

 Photographs, room measurements & features of the neighborhood

Perform property condition assessments (if requested)


Custom advertisement include professional photos and personalized floor plan

Property shown on over 40 websites including Multiple Listing Service (Realtor platform)

Showings conducted 7 days a week & coordination with other realtors 


 Qualify prospective tenants through our detailed screening process including: 

 Landlord verification, eviction database check, income verification, credit check & more!

Negotiate, on your behalf, favorable terms on the lease

Prepare a lease agreement that ensures that you and your property are protected

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